Episode 36: Tootsie

Episode 36: Tootsie

Scott and Loren walk a mile in Tootsie‘s shoes!

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This Week’s Podcast:  Tootsie

  • 0:00-1:49:  The Most Awkward Intro Ever!
  • 1:56-6:01:  Loren was blown away by A Talking Cat!?!.
  • 6:06-15:46:  Scott compares and contrasts Jack the Giant Slayer and Oz the Great and Powerful.
  • 15:47-22:07:  Loren discusses The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, but more importantly, he discusses how theaters can up their game.
  • Studio Movie Grill
  • 22:08-26:58:  Scott thoroughly enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook, comparing it favorably to Little Miss Sunshine.
  • 27:00-42:40:  Tootsie!  What a film!
  • 42:42-46:59:  Other movies in the vein of Tootsie.
  • 47:00-47:57:  Outro!


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  1. Claudiu Dobre says:

    Well, there’s a certain 1992 movie where the man playing a woman thing is done pretty much to perfection… I won’t say which so as not to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it (it’s pretty well-known, so you probably have) but, yeah, you were saying you’re not sure it’s ever been done and worked well – that one gets my vote. And it’s a pretty amazing movie as well, at least as far as I’m concerned!

  2. Dorianne Laux says:

    Yes, the Crying Game, which was glorious. But so was Tootsie. Two very different movies, both great.

  3. Clarence says:

    Re-watched Tootsie after watching the Dustin Hoffman interview you posted. He’s right, this is not a comedy. Very different movie with the understanding of Hoffman’s thoughts!