Superheroes You Should Love: Episode 4

Supeheroes You Should Love:  Episode 4

Scott is joined by Justin North to talk about some unlikely superheroes!

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Superheroes You Should Love:  Episode 4

  • 0:00-1:11:  Intro!
  • 1:12-5:02:  Justin is a big, big fan of Indiana Jones and makes reference to a podcast from the future.
  • 5:03-8:05:  Just what makes a superhero a superhero?
  • 8:07-10:03:  Justin’s introduction to superheroes.
  • 10:04-14:07:  Scott tries not to sound elitist when talking about all the recent converts to nerdom.  He fails.
  • 14:14-15:23:  The geek have inherited the earth.
  • 15:24-16:23:  PODCASTING GOLD!!
  • 16:24-21:20:  Justin understands you if you didn’t grow up reading comics — which leads to talk of reboots, relaunches, and spirit guides.
  • 21:21-35:10:  Lots of talk about serialized adventures (may contain spoilers for the Amazing Spider-Man franchise and also contains the only reference to The Love Guru this podcast has ever had).
  • 35:11-1:10:04:  The Dark Knight Rises:  What happens next and what should happen next?
  • 1:10:05-1:20:07:  Justin talks about his deep, deep love of Indiana Jones.
  • 1:20:11-1:20:07:  The Indiana Jones talk segues into talk of Uncharted and Tomb Raider and boobs.  I’m sorry.
  • 1:40:00-1:43:20:  Strong character design talk leads to The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.  Yeah.  I didn’t see that coming either.
  • 1:43:22-1:44:39:  You can find Justin online here and/or here.
  • 1:44:40-1:46:23:  A very dire outro.


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