Episode 32: The Maltese Falcon

Episode 32:  The Maltese FalconScott and Loren solve the mystery of The Maltese Falcon.

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This Week’s Podcast:  The Maltese Falcon

  • 0:00-1:05:  Intro!
  • 1:06-3:36:  Loren reviews the dark, depressing, upbeat and quirky Beginners.
  • 3:36-8:20:  Despite it being fun, Scott was ultimately disappointed by 2012’s remake of Total Recall.
  • 8:21-17:27:  Scott was disappointed by Taken 2 (though enjoyed it more than Total Recall).
  • 17:28-31:00  Loren and Scott discuss the fascinating, the surprising, The Grey.
  • 31:01-33:43 :  Scott thoroughly enjoyed the dark and violent Looper, comparing it to 12 Monkeys.
  • 33:54-34:18:  Scott brings Taken 2 up again for no discernible reason.
  • 34:20-47:20:  Loren and Scott review The Maltese Falcon.
  • 47:21-49:15:  If you liked The Maltese Falcon, Scott recommends you also check out The Third Man and A Shot in the Dark.
  • 49:16-53:25:  And Loren recommends you watch Dead Men Don’t Wear PlaidThe Big SleepThe Thin Man movies, The African Queen, Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Casablanca.
  • 53:26-54:32:  Outro!


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