Episode 26: In the Heat of the Night

Episode 26:  In the Heat of the Night

Loren and Scott investigate what happened In the Heat of the Night.

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This Week’s Film: In the Heat of the Night

From Netflix:  Black Philadelphia detective Virgil Tibbs helps a redneck Southern sheriff solve a murder in this riveting study in racism that still strikes a chord. Rod Steiger won a Best Actor Oscar for his turn as the put-upon lawman who comes to respect Tibbs.

Other Suggestions

Maybe you’ve seen In the Heat of the Night — or maybe it doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in.  Here are some other films we think you might like or should check out.

What We’ve Been Up To

Our first love may be movies, but we find all sorts of things to fill our lives with.  Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

  • Red Tails
    A disappointing collection of movie tropes.  It’s every fighter pilot, WWII, underdog, and civil rights movie you’ve ever seen.  No-one plays a character.  Everyone’s a type:  The rookie, the maverick, the alcoholic, the racist, the spiritual advisor  It also has all the same strengths and weaknesses of the
    Star Wars movies:  Spectacular action and dreadfully boring conversations.  Go watch Glory instead.  | On Amazon | On IMDB |

  • Take Shelter
    A creepy, compelling film about a man who is either losing his mind or is seeing visions of the upcoming apocalypse.  It’s the kind of idea that would be easy to make into a silly thriller out of.  Instead, we’re treated to an absorbing character-driven drama that explores real-life consequences and real-life reactions to a man who is clearly crazy . . . or is he?   | On Amazon | On IMDB |

  • Happy Feet Two
    Featuring a big, sprawling story that might have gotten away from the filmmakers a bit, Happy Feet Two is still a delightful film filled with great music, impressive visuals, laughs, and scene-stilling krill.  It might not be as good of a film as the first, but I enjoyed it more.   | On Amazon | On IMDB |


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