Bonus Episode: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Scott and Loren liked The Dark Knight more than it sounds from their analysis of the film.

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The Dark Knight Rises trailer

President Obama’s Moment of Silence for the Aurora Shooting Victims

Director Christopher Nolan Responds to the Shooting


Some Bat-Suggestions

  • No Man’s Land — After suffering a cataclysmic earthquake, the U.S. government has deemed Gotham City as uninhabitable and ordered all citizens to leave. It is now months later and those that have refused to vacate “No Man’s Land” live amidst a citywide turf war in which the strongest prey on the weak. As gangs terrorize the ravaged populace, the Scarecrow uses a church relief project as a real life lab to test his experiments in fear. But with the return of the vigilante, Batman, and the appearance of an enigmatic new Batgirl, justice returns to Gotham.  Sound a bit familiar?
  • Knightfall — The other inspiration to The Dark Knight Rises and the story that made Bane a name to be remembered and feared.
  • Catwoman, Vol.1:  Trail of the Catwoman — Can’t get enough Selina Kyle?  Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke start here what some consider the definitive Catwoman tale.
  • Batman Begins — See where it all began!  The movie that made reboots popular and introduced us to The Nolanverse of Batman!
  • The Dark Knight — Best. Batman Movie. Ever. Perhaps the best comic book movie ever? You be the judge!
  • Inception — Christopher Nolan at his mind-bending second best.
  • The Prestige — Christopher Nolan at his mind-bending best.  Haven’t seen it?  What if I said it’s Batman and Tesla -versus- Wolverine and Black Widow?
  • Batman:  The Animated Series — Quite possibly the definitive Batman.
  • Batman:  The Motion Picture Anthology — Michael Keaton. Val Kilmer. George Clooney. Tim Burton. Joel Shumacher. Chris O’Donnell. Michelle Pfeiffer. Danny DeVito. Jack Nicholson. Jim Carrey. Tommy Lee Jones. Bat Nipples. What’s not to love?


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  1. Erik says:

    Awesome show guys. Its a little nit picky but *SPOILER* they do kill off Bruce Wayne. He is legally declared dead and buried at the end… Now the person lives, but with a new identity and such. “Bruce Wayne” is dead. I know… nit-picky and not what you ment… But still a point to bring up.

    Also, i think it would have been very cool to have a little thing after the credits seeing Robin in his Nightwing costume… Granted, as you said this was Bruce Wayne’s story. But since they went fan-service at the end anyway, I think this would have been a nice touch.

    1. Scott says:

      You’re not wrong. I guess I was kind of hoping for a less symbolic martyrdom. But man, that shot of Wayne Manor being turned into a home for orphaned boys? I can’t say I didn’t get a little choked up.

      1. Erik says:

        I am curious how a bunch of homeless kids running around Wayne manner wont stumble across the bat cave though… You know kids get into everything. I mean, even if its one kid falling down the well even. 😉

        You think we will see some sort of Nightwing (or whatever) Spin-off sequel?

        1. Scott says:

          Nobody touch the piano! I SAID NOBODY TOUCH THE PIANO!!

          But to answer your question . . . I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m totally down with a Joseph Gordon-Levitt spin-off/sequel. They definitely set themselves up for something.

          Grant Morrison had a run on “Batman & Robin” a couple of years ago in which Dick Grayson took over as Batman after Bruce Wayne “died.” It was pretty great. You had Dick (the original Robin) as Batman and had Damian Wayne (Bruce’s son) as Robin. Their roles were reversed. You had a happier (dare I say “carefree”) Batman and a cold-as-ice Damian (who was trained by his mother, Talia, and the League of Shadows). Great book. If they wanted to follow that route, I would be totally down with that.

          I do think that whatever comes next, they’re going to need to embrace some of Batman’s more science fiction elements — that is, if they want that Batman to have any part in the Justice League.

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  3. Andy says:

    I love this movie! It’s grander and more epic than TDK but not as tightly plotted. But damn I’ve only experienced this many emotions during a movie a few times.