Interactive Music Video: Met Before by Chairlift


So, we don’t normally talk about music videos here at Movies You Should Love, but this one has blown me away. I’ve watched it probably a dozen times now, and each time has been a different experience. The song is good, but the choose your own adventure nature of this video is what has me hooked. I highly recommend you take some time and play through several times. Just . . . watch out for those bees.

This also raises questions for me about interactive television/movies. I remember back in the late 90’s playing full motion video (FMV) computer games like Tex Murphy, Gabriel Knight 2, Wing Commander . . . and at that point, I thought I was playing the future.

Obviously that isn’t the direction that video games went (although Tex is back . . . check him out over here), but isn’t the era of interactive video almost upon us? Isn’t it time that we could hit buttons on our TV remote and have characters make the choices we want them to make in shows? I would love to watch Game of Thrones and be able to choose which character to follow. Each episode through Tyrion’s eyes would be pretty fantastic. And then when I switch it out to see what Sansa is up to, the replay value of the project goes up.

Ok, maybe that is all a bit pie in the sky, but as this video proves, there could be some valuable storytelling elements that could make at least the internet a viable place for some new forms of interactive storytelling. And that is very exciting.


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