Art of the Title

What’s your favorite title sequence?

When was the last time you even noticed the title sequence?  It’s a portion of the film that not only most people take for granted, but most people just downright ignore — especially when they take place on top of the first part of the movie or television show we’re watching.  But the opening credit (or title) sequence is important for not only conveying to the audience who’s appearing in this film, who worked on the film, and the title of the film, but a masterful title sequence can set the mood and tell the audience what to expect in the next few minutes or hours.

Think of the opening credit sequence of Forrest Gump, with that feather gently wafting through the breeze.  Coupled with Alan Silvestri’s moving score, is that not the very thesis of the entire film?  Is Forrest (if not America) that feather, being pushed and pulled through history in what is, undoubtedly, a beautiful life?  The opening title sequence to Catch Me if You Can not only introduced us to the cat and mouse game we were about to partake in, but also hinted at plot points we were going to see.  The opening title sequence to Spider-Man 2 not only set the creepy, but ultimately heroic, mood of the film, but also reminded audience members of all the important plot points of the previous film — which was also a help for newcomers to the Spider-Man franchise.

From the eerie simplicity of Lost to the ever-changing intricacy of Game of Thrones.   What would these shows be without their opening title sequence?

The website Art of the Title is a site dedicated to all your favorite opening title sequences, as well as some you may have overlooked.  It’s fascinating and you’re guaranteed to never look at the opening credits to your favorite movie or TV show the same way again.


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