Podcast Episode 23: Modern Times

Podcast Episode 23: Modern Times

Loren and Scott join the Tramp and his lady as they struggle with the Modern Times. Wackiness ensues.

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This Week’s Film:  Modern Times

From Netflix:  Conceived and produced as talking pictures were taking Hollywood by storm, Charlie Chaplin’s brilliant satire of the machine age was also his last “silent,” even though it also features his first words spoken on film. The Little Tramp shuffles bravely forward into a maze of technology and the rapidly changing shape of society. Although barely in control of his own fate, he demonstrates pluck and endurance in the face of unstoppable forces.

What We’ve Been Up To

We are exhausted by the things we love.  Here’s just a few of the things that have been keeping us busy lately.

Other Suggestions for Movies Like Modern Times

Maybe Modern Times isn’t your cup of tea. Or maybe you’re a little intimidated by it’s black-and-whiteness or its silent filmness. Check these out. You might like these too and/or instead or maybe they’ll help you wade into the silent film era.

And I can’t not post this. It’s not from Modern Times, but from the climax of The Great Dictator. With a new (fan added) score by Hans Zimmer (featuring music from Inception), this may be the single greatest Charlie Chaplin clip you’ll ever see. It never stops giving me goosebumps. Keep in mind this is from a movie made and released in America a year before America became involved with World War II.



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