Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is here and it finally gives us some sense of the story.

Despite all the early leaked images and “plot details” for this summer’s epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, this is the first time we’ve been given a real sense of what the story’s going to be.  Up until now all we’ve known is Bane, Catwoman, Batman, and the Batwing (which rumor has it they’re just calling The Bat) were going to feature in this film.  Due to the fact that Bane is in this movie and Bane’s the guy who broke Batman’s back in the comic books, a lot of people have been wondering and/or rumor-gossiping that this movie was going to end with Bane breaking Batman’s back (or maybe even killing him).

Due to the trailer, however, I would venture a guess that Bane is going to break Batman early in the movie and we might go for a large portion of the movie without seeing the caped crusader, only to have his triumphant (and final) appearance for the climax of the film.  Of course, only time will tell.






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