The Walking Dead Video Game Arrives

If the Venn Diagram of Things You Love includes video games and The Walking Dead, today’s your lucky day.

If you own an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or a home computer, you can now play a previously untold tale from The Walking Dead story.  The game revolves around Lee Everett, a man who may or may not be guilty of the charges that sees him on his way to jail at the beginning of the game and the start of his story.  I haven’t been able to play it yet (though I probably will after next pay day), but with fan favorite-characters Glenn, Hershel, and Lilly appearing in the game as well as an art style that looks more inspired by the comic book source material than the television show, it’s one I’m going to have to check out.

It also seems like a good way to get my Walking Dead fix in between seasons.

Find out more about it by checking out Telltale’s website.


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