James Bond Back in 2014

James Bond Skyfall

James Bond is scheduled to make his next appearance this year in Skyfall, but Sony has gone on to confirm that Bond 24 will be coming in late 2014. The plan is to get the franchise back on a 2 year schedule.

The only hitch in all of this is that Daniel Craig is out of contract with the films. So, will we be seeing more of Craig as Bond, or will Bond 24 bring us a new 007?

Source: Den of Geek


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  1. Scott says:

    Here’s hoping they give Daniel Craig whatever he wants or needs to stay on this franchise for the rest of his life. He has made Bond interesting, entertaining, and relevant in a way he hasn’t been since Sean Connery.

  2. Zack Mandell says:

    Honestly I haven’t liked a bond movie since before Dalton (alright – Goldeneye is an exception), until Craig came along. He’s really an important aspect to the franchise moving forward, imo.