Catwoman Appears

While The Hunger Games and The Avengers have dominated pop culture this past month, it only took a single picture to remind everyone what will probably be the highest grossing movie of the summer.


This picture, the first real clear look at The Dark Knight Rise‘s Catwoman, was released online today and everyone went, “oh yeah!  We’ve got a Batman movie to look forward to!”

There’s a couple of real striking things about this costume (now that we’re finally able to see it) that I would like to point out and discuss:

  1. This is clearly Christopher Nolan’s Catwoman.  The costume has the kind of subtlety and utilitarianism that we’ve come to expect from Nolan’s Batman films.  She actually looks like a cat burglar.  It’s not hard to imagine her scaling, swinging, and dangling her way into laser-protected museums and bank vaults (as cat burglars are want to do).  Unlike the last time Catwoman appeared on film.  Or the time before that.
  2. Is that a gun?  Since when does Catwoman carry a gun?  Is this to further juxtapose her vigilantism with Batman’s?  Or is this a direct response to another tight-black-suit-wearing-femme fatale that we’ll be seeing this summer?
  3. As much as this is Christopher Nolan’s Catwoman, she is astonishingly similar to Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman that we only ever saw on the much-derided Adam West Batman television show.  Something old, something new, something borrowed . . .
  4. There’s only one thing I would change.  I’ve never been a fan of female superheroes or villains in high heels.  I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m sure it’ll work, but there’s just something a little rediculous about it.  I was kind of hoping she would be sporting boots,like Darwyn Cooke had her wear when he and Ed Brubaker relaunched her series in 2001.  It’s hard to imagine her being as sure-footed as Batman when she’s rocking stilletos like that.

In sadder news, this probably the closest Anne Hathaway will ever be to our podcast.  But — Anne — if you’re reading this, we’d love to have you.


Source:  EW


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