Dean Trippe’s Avengers

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth’s mightiest heroes and their upcoming movie?  Or maybe you’re trying to find a reasonable way to declare which side of the AvX feud you fall on.  Or maybe you just want to be perceived as a pretty cool and with-it human being.

Artist, former and future guest of Movies You Should Love, and general do-gooder Dean Trippe recently entered a design-an-Avengers t-shirt contest over at the WeLoveFine Shop — an online store I cannot stop shopping at.  The voting has ended and guess what?  You can now sport this rockin’ (if not downright adorable) Avengers tee.  I cannot confirm nor deny if mine is already in the mail.*

You can see this (and all their other Avengers swag) here.

Check the rest of Dean’s work out here.

And listen to Dean and I geek out here.


*Seriously, I can’t.  They don’t tell you these things.


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