Google Project Glass: Can Apple iGlasses Be Far Behind?

So, this isn’t exactly movie related, but Google today announced they are prototyping Project Glass, a wearable heads-up display eye glass technology. It marries features of smartphones into a HUD display, creating new types of user interactions.

Project Glass

Project Glass Prototype - Photo Via Google

This does seem like the logical step for phone technology to take. There are already numerous apps that create reality overlays using the phone camera, and integrated voice commands like Siri on the Apple iPhone have moved technology one step closer to being hands free.

Our question here is what does this mean for movies?

Part of the draw of mobile phones is their media playing capabilities while on the go. With a heads up display, is that going to be a feature that ceases to exist? Or will people adapt to having the movie right above their eyeball?

Project Glass Prototype

Project Glass Prototype - Photo Via Google

More excitingly, are there new applications that can combine movies or visual entertainment with reality, creating new forms of visual media? The mind boggles at the possibilities of being able to place actors virtually into the streets around you, or of 360 degree movie views where you are in the center of the action.

This is all still developmental, but it has certainly piqued our curiosity. We’ll be watching to see how this tech turns out, and also for the inevitable announcement from Apple of their iGlasses product line (don’t forget the iGlass Nano!)



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  1. Scott says:

    Why do we turn to Apple for improvements and innovation? Would iGlasses legitimize this idea in a way Project Glass can’t or doesn’t?

    1. Loren says:

      No, not really. I just think it is the inevitable name when Apple rolls out their version in response. I was basically being snarky. No matter who brings it first, it is fascinating tech, with the potential the bring new forms of media based entertainment.

  2. IDUNNO says: