Top 11 Cool Movies to Watch

So, you are looking for some ‘cool’ movies to watch, and you want our opinions? We can do that for you! Having watched thousands of movies between the two of us, we have a few opinions, and would love to share them.

As a note, this list is not our top ten movies of all time list, although some of the movies on this list cross over. This list is a list of movies that specifically exist to entertain, while at the same time giving you that “gee-whiz, that was awesome” factor. Without further ado, here is our list of “cool” films to watch. 

Our Top 11 “Cool” Movies

  1. Braveheart
    This is the king of historical epic war movies. Big battles, stirring soundtrack, men in kilts . . . action movies don’t get much cooler than this.
  2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    These movies have so many cool moments, you can’t go wrong. If your blood isn’t pounding when Gandalf yells “You shall not pass,” or if Aragorn’s speech about “this is not that day” doesn’t stir your soul, then you just don’t know what cool is.
  3. The Bourne Trilogy
    These movies helped to redefine the spy genre, and their stylish plotting and fantastic action sequences are crazy, edge of your seat fun.
  4. From Russia With Love/Casino Royale
    Sean Connery defined cool as James Bond, and From Russia with Love is arguably the best of his Bond flicks. Casino Royale redefined the character as Daniel Craig took over the role, and created perhaps the best Bond we’ve ever seen.
  5. Blade Runner
    The future is dark and beautiful in this sci-fi noir masterpiece that drips ambiance and style. Ridley Scott has done a lot of great work, but this may just be the pinnacle of his career.  And if you often find yourself discussing science fiction movies, it’s great fun to be able to say, “have you seen Blade Runner? They did it in Blade Runner first.” And, check out our podcast episode dedicated to the film!
  6. Raiders of the Lost Ark/The Last Crusade
    There are very few actors as cool as Harrison Ford, and in combination with the Indiana Jones character, these movies are pure fun action-adventure.
  7. The Sting
    Paul Newman and Robert Redford were the hottest actors of their day, and combining them in the ultimate con movie adds up to a lot of cool.
  8. Ocean’s 11
    With some of Hollywood’s biggest names filling out the ranks of Ocean’s crew of criminals, this movie combines the glamour of Vegas with the thrills of a daring heist. Fun, sexy entertainment.
  9. The Prestige
    A magic trick of a movie, this under-valued film about stage magicians will keep you guessing up until the end, all while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Suspenseful and thrilling, you’ll want to watch it again once you know the secret.
  10. Inception
    This stylish thriller has layers upon layers of action, but never loses focus of the story, providing a twisting ride through amazing special effects magic that takes you into the twisting world of human dreams.
  11. Die Hard
    You’ll be hard-pressed to find another action movie filled with this much action, this many laughs, this many stunts, or a better cast.


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