The Best John Carter Trailer Yet

You’d think by now that Disney would know how to market a film.  Yet John Carter opened today and I’m still being approached (by friends who recognize me as the resident film nerd of the group) and asked, “what is this John Carter thing I keep hearing about?”

There’s so many ways to answer that question, but I’ll make it easy.  First, watch this trailer.  It’s not an official Disney trailer for the movie, but it’s the best I’ve seen.  Fans of the books cobbled this trailer together from clips from the official trailers as well as some of the clips that have been released online.  It does the best to explain the story and also give you a peek into the awesomeness that is Edgar Rice Burroughs’ imagination.


After that, check out this page on Wikipedia dedicated to the 100 year-old character (that’s right, he turns 100 this year).  After you finish that, buy me some Swedish Fish and meet at the Rave.  I’ll be there Saturday night.


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