Minisode 2: Listener Request – The Stuff

The Stuff

At Jared’s behest, Loren and Scott try to make sense of The Stuff.

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The Stuff

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  1. Douglas says:

    Hey, I just listened to this podcast. The draw of The Stuff is it was directed by Larry Cohen and while I enjoyed seeing it once I think Q and God Told Me To are much stronger movies. In fact, looking at his director’s credit on IMDB, those are the only two movies I would heartily recommend and then The Stuff if you couldn’t get enough Larry Cohen.

    Probably his best known movie is It’s Alive. I remember the commercials for It’s Alive terrifying me when I was a kid but when I finally saw the movie in the 1980s, I was like, “Meh.” In fact, I had a much more enjoyable and scary nightmare based on the commercials for It’s Alive then the experience of watching the movie.

    I have tried to watch It’s Alive again but just haven’t been able to get into it.