Podcast Episode 9: Goodfellas

Podcast Episode 9: Goodfellas

Is this the best Scorcese picture? Not according to the Academy, but Scott and Loren might have a different opinion. Other films discussed include The Thing, Footloose, Red State, In Time, and the tv show The Walking Dead. Also discussed are our expectations of the theater experience, and what we think of sticky floors.

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About Loren

Loren Small is a podcaster and filmmaker. His work on film and television productions has won more than 25 Telly Awards and has been seen in over 70 million households.


  1. Douglas Ratcliff says:

    Hearing Loren’s take on In Time made me realize that the Time Keeper is a lot like Javert from Les Miserables. I felt the movie was kind of a mess, that Andrew Niccol took a bit from Gattaca, Patty Hearst, Bonnie and Clyde, and now I see a little bit of Victor Hugo.

    I really wanted to like In Time a lot more than I did but it seems like a collection of parts that never really gel and I never really rooted for anybody.

    Now I do want to see it again and see how much more of Victor Hugo is in the movie that I missed out of ignorance the first time.

    1. Scott says:

      I’ve been itching to revisit that film as well. Now I finally have a good reason to!