Save Our Community!

If you’re anything like the Movies You Should Love crew, then Community is one of the highlights of your week.  And if Community is one of the highlights of your week, then you’re well aware that the show is currently on hiatus.

 There has been no official word yet if and/or when the show is going to return (or why NBC seems to have so little faith in the show), which only fans the flames of worry.

What’s an audience to do?  How do we, the consumers and the viewers, communicate with the big-wigs that decide what goes on the air and what gets pulled?  Do we sign online petitions?  Do we create “Save Community” websites and Facebook pages?  Do we all buy “Please Save Annie’s Boobs” t-shirts and organize a silent protest outside NBC?  How do we let the studios know there is an audience for awesomeness?

Jim Rash, who plays Dean Pelton on the show, recently sat down with Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland in episode 63 of the Pop My Culture podcast and let it be known that the studio execs are basically interested in only thing:  Numbers.  They need to know we exist and there’s a couple of ways to let them know we do:

  1. Buy the DVD’s.  They are awesome and filled with bonus content, like bloopers on every single disc.  Season 1 comes with a free copy of Kick-Puncher, the comic book.
  2. Watch the show.  The entire run of Community was recently posted on Hulu.  The Powers That Be are watching Hulu to see how many times the show is watched.  With the show off the air, this is the perfect time to revisit all your favorite episodes (since I can’t choose, I am going to revisit all of them).  This is also the perfect time for people who have been on the fence about the show to check it out.  If you’re friends with someone who’s never seen the show, sit down and watch it with them.
Do it for Firefly.  Do it for Arrested Development.  Do it for Veronica Mars.  Do it for every show that wasn’t allowed to reach its full potential.  Do it for your country.  Because if Community gets cancelled, Glee wins.


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