Upside Down Trailer

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible take on Romeo & Juliet, a French trailer for the upcoming Upside Down has hit the Internet and it looks very, very promising.

You can check the trailer out over at, but it looks like Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess (she who played Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 1-3 and he who almost played Spider-Man on Broadway) will be playing our star-cross’d lovers in this sci-fi adaptation of The Bard’s most famous play — though, as I watch the trailer, “adaptation” looks like it needs to be used very loosely here, as this looks much more like something inspired by that tale of woe.

I like what I’m seeing so far and will most definitely check it out when it hits a theater near me.

. . . I wonder if Kirsten Dunst ever thought that one of the main themes of her film career would be kissing men upside down?  At least in this movie, the roles seem to be reversed.


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