Movies You Should Love Christmas Twitter Giveaway!

Movies You Should Love Christmas Twitter Giveaway!
We have a bunch of codes for free movie downloads, and we can’t wait to give them away! It is really simple to enter this contest, so read the rules below and enter now!

So, what movies could you win this time around?

Contest Entry Rules:

1. Contest Dates

Contest runs from Tuesday, Dec. 6  2011 – Thursday Dec. 15 2011

2. How to enter the contest:

First, make sure you are following us on Twitter. Then send a tweet telling your followers about this awesome contest!

Make sure you include @moviesyoushould, the #contest hashtag, and the URL in your response. Also be sure to mention which movie you hope to win! Limit your responses to one per person per day. Each tweet will earn you an extra entry in the contest, for a maximum total of 10 entries per person. Excessive tweeting (more than once per day) will be considered spam and will disqualify you. You must be following us on Twitter to win.

Sample tweets:

@moviesyoushould is giving away movies to their Twitter followers! I hope I win Inception!  #contest

@moviesyoushould I hope I win Scott Pilgrim from your movie give away! #contest

3. How to win:

Judging will take place on Friday, Dec. 16. Winners will be selected at random until all prizes are awarded. Specific prizes may not be requested, as all results are random. Each winner will be limited to one prize per contest.

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